SPEEDO Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Bringing true functionality into swimwear, Speedo presents its Spring/Summer 2014 collection aimed to improve techniques and performance of swimmers whether its for the competitive sport or just plain leisure.

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The vibrant, graphic designed Speedo Fit collection includes quick drying board shorts which also vents water; Swim trunks and jammers that have stability seams for maximum strength; and swimsuits that are all over body shaping while providing bust support.

1901154_10201483432195364_1409032290_n 1798492_10201483433915407_1278098454_n 1619653_10201483434875431_1308583662_n 1004708_10201483433035385_1338918113_n IMG_5650 1970701_10201483431475346_755783869_n IMG_5651 1926705_10201483434355418_989439605_n IMG_5647 1922405_10201483435195439_1065493270_n IMG_5649

Swim gears such as caps, goggles, training aids and accessories like back packs and towels all exude modern and active style to it. Goggles are built with IQFit technology which fits the contour of the eye and provides secure fit.

1743500_10201483436995484_908820323_n 1912554_10201483436715477_1802405954_n 1613829_10201483435075436_421977801_n IMG_5656 IMG_5663 IMG_5662

For details and more information, visit www.speedo.com




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