LEE 125th Anniversary ARCHIVES (Part 2 of 2)


Here comes the Part Two of the magnificent LEE Jean’s 125th Anniversary Archives here in Manila which was actually showcased this month of May on the country’s three major shopping malls – Glorietta, Robinson’s Place and now on SM Mall of Asia in conjunction with Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014.




Here are some of the vintage LEE Jackets produced sometime fifty years ago, the LEE Riders Jacket and LEE Cowboy Jacket to cater a vast number of customers including adult and youth, particularly of course, cowboys, YEEEHOW!

IMG_7028 IMG_6983 IMG_6982 IMG_6981

This LEE Overall Time Book(Trainman’s Log) printed sometime late ’30s to early 50’s, delivered practicality to railroad workers as they are designed to fit the chest pockets of their overalls.


This particularly rare handkerchief made only for a couple of years during the mid-4o’s features LEE’s “Blue Ribbon” logo, around it are images of the six LEE factories.


A different angle of the 125 Buddy Lee’s!


More of the latest LEE 101+ collection, serialized and very unique, available only at LEE Jeans Concept Stores. This collection offers current, street and urban wear vibe to the LEE brand.

IMG_7018 IMG_7013 IMG_7011 IMG_7021 IMG_7015 IMG_6994

Also, more of the LEE Style Army pieces made from different kinds of LEE denim which displays exceptional craftsmanship of young talents and designers.

IMG_7010 IMG_7024 IMG_7008

Here’s a rare outtake of Nobuyoshi Araki photography for LEE Jeans, he’s currently one of Japan’s most controversial and most influential photographer.


And there you go, it was brief but very interesting look back at LEE Jeans achievements throughout its last 125 years, where major influences on setting the trends for Cowboys, timeless style and originator of the world’s first ever zip fly jeans truly states remarkable innovation and commitment to excellence.


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