The All-New SM WOMAN Successful Launch! (Part 1 of 2)


Taking SM Ladies to a whole new level comes the all-new SM Woman and what a successful launch it was last Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014! The SM Woman launch proved to be one of the most memorable runway show collection so far from The SM Store – and the best for the ladies as a matter of fact. I couldn’t be more grateful to be invited and experience the launch and runway show itself, to be honest I’m all for menswear, but the SM Woman experience is one of the few runway moments where I got thoroughly excited in women’s wear.


The SM Woman runway show collection featured looks and silhouettes that are current and very trendy, woman of every age would find lots and lots of pieces that they would want to have in their closet. I for one have a lot of favorites (if only I could wear them), but I must say I’d be glad to share and tell my lady friends all about this exceptional collection.

IMG_7338 IMG_7329

One of the best experiences I had from the SM Woman show is the availability of the collection pieces themselves not only for viewing and careful examination, but also for purchasing BEFORE the runway show has even started! How cool is that?! Yes, you can immediately buy and have one for your own while you wait for the show to start. The collection has been produced in advance for the show attendees and I haven’t had a chance like this from the past runway shows I’ve attended, so this one is an awesome first. Boy, if this happened last SM Men’s Fashion runway show last season, I’ve probably maxed out my credit..

IMG_7155 IMG_7158 IMG_7169 IMG_7163

There are a lot of designs and clothing variety to choose from, in fact the SM Woman runway show showcased six collections, I’ve included two in this post and the remaining four will be on the Part 2.

First off, the Neoprene collection – Basic yet polished and still elegant, the fabric is light-weight therefore it is cool – perfect for layering.

IMG_7184 IMG_7290 IMG_7323

Next, the Windowpane Checks collection – This got to be one of my favorites, the monochromatic feel with structure and modern take on geometric lines commands confidence and attention.

IMG_7265 IMG_7273 IMG_7279

More of the new collections from the SM Woman on Part 2! You may also check out their social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to know more about the brand.


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