Arnold Galang PhFW Holiday 2014 Collection

20140618-060128.jpg“It feels like crying…”

A girl said as she passed by. Her voice was meek, almost trembling.

“I’m losing it…” She continued, her voice fading through the busy rush hour.

Catching a glimpse of the girl, I marveled at what she is wearing, a loose yet well-tailored black top and a sheer knee-length black skirt. Though it is already night time, her look radiated a certain luster under the dim street lights. Her wide-brimmed black hat covered half of her face, I thought I saw a shade of red on those soft lips, but I’m not entirely sure.

I immediately felt a sharp burn inside my chest, I gasped, surprised at how it made me feel – a pain it seems like she’s trying to hide, a world slowly falling apart, screaming on top of her lungs. Shattered. Helpless.

Was it anger? Was it grief? Frustration? Perhaps regret.  I looked away and closed my eyes, an unexplainable sorrow filled my heart. “It feels like crying” I said to myself. I tried to recover, but too late, warm tears have run down on my cheeks.

I tried to look for the girl, but she wasn’t there after all, possibly just a vision, a projection. I stared through the darkness only to realize it wasn’t her pain to begin with, but mine.


Subtle, powerful emotions are drawn from the Arnold Galang Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014 collection. All black, all concealed, all mysterious.

20140618-060136.jpg 20140618-060116.jpg 20140618-060057.jpg

Arnold Galang’s Holiday 2014 collection entitled “Shattered Symmetry” debuted at Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014 last May 31, 2014 at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Philippines.

Get to know more of the designer by following, at Instagram and Twitter: @arnoldrgalang


Photo Credits: Edizon Zausa

See the rest of the collection by checking the Arnold Galang | PhFW Holiday 2014 album at

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