(Part 2 of 2) DAY 1 – Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week Holiday 2014

Here’s the Part 2 of the Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week Holiday 2014 DAY 1, with a capital M-E-N!

Be sure to visit and Like The Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week Facebook page for more gallery and event details. Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week is presented by Robinsons Place Manila and Nico Agustin Menswear.


Luxe and macho interplay on basic men’s formal wears.

20140719-111307.jpg 20140719-111319.jpg 20140719-111349.jpg 20140719-111404.jpg


Avante garde play on volume and minimalist menswear draping yet still enhances the masculine physique.

20140719-111424.jpg 20140719-111536.jpg 20140719-111545.jpg


Tough love: I’m all into denim wear innovation and design but haven’t we seen this zipper-leather-denim combo before? Philippine Fashion Week spectators alone would know.

20140719-111556.jpg 20140719-111622.jpg 20140719-111614.jpg 20140719-111604.jpg


Chasing Monsters collection were truly a playful feature of color and cool visual art – frivolous but not childish. Not a fan of those wigs though.

 20140719-111630.jpg 20140719-111649.jpg

20140719-111701.jpg 20140719-111744.jpg 20140719-111636.jpg


Holiday trip to the safari? Or just simply a stylish beast? Whatever wild creature you prefer, animal prints are always on trend – and big, loud prints are the best.

20140719-111752.jpg 20140719-111815.jpg 20140719-111826.jpg

   20140719-111836.jpg 20140719-111853.jpg 20140719-111845.jpg


Exciting and edgy sleeveless tops do have a great potential to be on top of the trend list – together with a well-fitted shorts. Men nowadays know how to showcase their assets.

20140719-111901.jpg 20140719-111909.jpg 20140719-111918.jpg 20140719-111926.jpg


Signature laser-cut designed dandy coats and blazers bring a new level of taste in men’s formal wear.

20140719-111933.jpg 20140719-111941.jpg 20140719-111946.jpg

20140719-111952.jpg 20140719-112000.jpg 20140719-112007.jpg

And this is just the DAY 1, more of the dashing and cutting-edge Filipino menswear on DAY 2 of Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week Holiday 2014, on two parts, really soon!

View more of the awesome Day 1 collection by clicking on the links below. Photo credits to Ms. Joy Arguil, much, much thanks!

Benjamin Manio

Dave Ocampo

Donn Delantar

Earl Gariando

Edwin Uy

Estien Quijano

Jolex Remos

Joy Chicano

Kaye Morales

Mark Dela Pena

Marllon Tabangcura

Roberth Gallardo

Simon Ariel Vasquez


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