We’ve seen their Autumn/Winter 2014 collections last July but in this Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week ALL-IN Special Edition? I’d say a lot has improved aesthetically in both design and showmanship, the looks are more sophisticated, polished and absolutely modern. The show featured combination of street wear and formal wear looks taking inspiration from “street signs”. The clothes look so good you’d want to wear them clothes right away, I’d want to wear them now and stylists, boy they have pulled them out straight and still fresh from the runway!

This is Filipino menswear fashion and style leveled-up, this is Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week ALL-IN.


What’s more, the Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week ALL-IN featured 22 up-and-coming and established talented Filipino fashion designers with their menswear AND women’s wear looks, so we are not just seeing male models here but also some fierce and stompin’ ladies. This Special Edition is in celebration of the event’s two year anniversary which is produced by successful fashion designers Nico Agustin and MJ Alminanza. Much, much thanks to designer Mr. Edmir Lagui for the invite, it was beyond excitement to witness such fine creations and one successful event.

First off, stylish and snug formal wear looks by Jovan Dela Cruz and Simon Ariel Vasquez:
20140927-153259.jpg 20140926-165458.jpg


The classic patterns and modern cuts by Benjamin Manio, Levenson Rodriguez and Vin Orias:


20140927-153320.jpg 20140927-153338.jpg 20140927-153349.jpg

Visually playful and strong fashion-forward looks by Earl Gariando, Fatima Guerrero and Donn Delantar:


20140926-165601.jpg 20140927-153405.jpg 20140927-153358.jpg

Lux, classy silhouettes and fine tailoring by Edmir Lagui, Clint Catalan and Robert Dimacali:

20140927-153413.jpg 20140926-165626.jpg 20140927-153422.jpg

 20140926-165638.jpg 20140927-153432.jpg

20140927-153438.jpg 20140926-165648.jpg

Looks that are rich, laid-back and demanding attention by Roberth Gallardo, Edwin Uy and Dave Ocampo:


20140927-153445.jpg 20140927-153454.jpg 20140926-165709.jpg

Street wear in two opposite points – splash of color and Goth-inspired, head-to-toe awesomeness by Jolex Remos, Marllon Tabangcura and Kaye Morales.


20140927-153516.jpg 20140927-153524.jpg

20140927-153537.jpg 20140926-165930.jpg 20140927-153531.jpg

Street wear volume gone up, in exciting proportions and vivid colors by Estien Quijano, Mikee Andrei and Jiro Angelo:



20140926-165951.jpg 20140927-153554.jpg

And lastly, oversized street wear by MJ Alminanza and the crisp militarian formal wear by Nico Agustin:


 20140927-153611.jpg 20140927-153602.jpg

20140926-165959.jpg 20140926-170020.jpg

Designers and models curtain call! Hoorah for Filipino menswear!



20140927-153619.jpg 20140926-170044.jpg 20140926-170114.jpg 20140927-153635.jpg 20140927-153642.jpg 20140927-153626.jpg

20140927-153706.jpg 20140927-153719.jpg

Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week ALL-IN fashion runway event was held at 71 Gramercy, Makati last September 25, 2014 with special participation of Fashion Institute of the Philippines and RPG Creatives.

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