MANILA State of Mind Part II | Jeffrey Rogador PhFW Spring/Summer 2015 and JPNY 360 Collections


Until Rogador says so, we don’t say “Sa tabi lang po” or “Para lang dyan sa tabi” and as the popular song goes on “…limandipang taong naguunahan…” fashion lovers of all sorts everywhere went gaga over this collection, and what a very successful year it has been for Jeffrey.

IMG_9934 IMG_9931 IMG_9928 IMG_9925

IMG_9932 IMG_9929 IMG_9927 IMG_9918

Jeffrey Rogador showcased his JPNY 360 collection last Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2015 with bolder, richer and now-iconic graffiti-styled sportswear(and a couple of blazer suit) pieces defining the great commercial success of his Jeepney collection from the past season and a well-off collaboration with local fashion retail Folded N Hung.

IMG_0035 20150103-092731.jpg 20150103-092739.jpg 20150103-092745.jpg

IMG_9944 IMG_9923

We all couldn’t be any more proud not just with the collection’s distinct street sophistication high-end taste but also for the fact that it is relatable, it is dominating, a one true greatest hit. Let the fun ride continue!


IMG_9912 IMG_9908 IMG_9946 IMG_9941 IMG_9939 IMG_9933 IMG_9940 IMG_9943 IMG_9948

20150103-092804.jpg 20150103-092758.jpg 20150103-092751.jpg IMG_0036

Check out the rest of Jeffrey Rogador’s impressive JPNY 360 collection for both men and women (ranging from tops, shirts, skirts, sweaters, jackets and jogger pants) and place an order at

Designer profile and contact info also included in the website.

20150103-092718.jpg IMG_0042 IMG_0039

It was great meeting you and thanks so much for the invite!

Jeffrey Rogador Spring/Summer and JPNY 360 Collections debuted last October 24th 2014 during Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015, held at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Philippines.


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