DAY 3 – I really have to admit it, Manila Fashion Festival has showcased one spectacular show after another, the overall production from stage set, visuals, lights, music, choreography – is seamless, and it is not over yet, there are still two more shows. With just on its sophomore season we’ve already seen seasoned(and still friendly) fashion designers, professional models walking the runways, cool fashion editors you can take a selfie with and an awesome crowd of fashion creatives from stylists, bloggers, photographers, make-up and hairstylists up to a one proud grandmother, each day the number of enthusiasts swell with a good reason. Celebrating local fashion and style has never been this exciting, breath-taking and successful.

Much like the previous two shows, the roster of today’s designer collections is unique from each other, there’s allure, ready-to-wear, menswear and sportswear, significantly keeping the interest and energy high. Coincidentally, the same goes with each designer collection, the color story, head-to-foot styling and design cohesion surprisingly remained intact on a wide range of garment options. With that being said, each designer collection has its own highlights – Rhett Eala’s harem pants, Cheetah Rivera’s boldly colored dresses, ARIN’s punk statement glamour, Pablo Cabahug’s sexy athletic charm and Mark Bumgarner’s sweet, young, happily-ever-after fascination – for some reason I can’t stop thinking about Cinderella, I’m not sure why. I’m thrilled to see Heart Evangelista Escudero on the runway, walking for Mark Bumgarner!

Take a look at some of the best looks:


IMG_2488 IMG_2499 IMG_2504


IMG_2519 IMG_2547


IMG_2584 IMG_2559 IMG_2556IMG_2600


IMG_2617 IMG_2618 IMG_2624 IMG_2629 IMG_2648


IMG_2660 IMG_2664 IMG_2672 IMG_2688 IMG_2700

Head over to Manila Fashion Festival website and their social media accounts at Facebook and Instagram/Twitter(@mnlfashionfest) for more details and fashion.

Manila Fashion Festival is the most anticipated fashion event of the year offering 26 fashion designers this season from March 19 to 22, 2015 and currently being held at Green Sun Hotel, Makati City, Philippines.


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