The fashion-packed Manila Fashion Festival Spring/Summer 2016 Day 3 started with a Korea Hair and Make-up Workshop, followed by Face of the Philippines Season Two awarding and an afternoon and evening designer shows

Cheetah Rivera‘s Beloved collection exuded warmth and joy through embellished dresses and gowns

IMG_1872    IMG_1877    IMG_1875

IMG_1874    IMG_1876    IMG_1873


Joy Chicano‘s Ambiguity of Venus collection featured a heartfelt backstory of a homeless child presented through untold art and insatiable design.

IMG_1879    IMG_1893    IMG_1892

IMG_1887    IMG_1891    IMG_1889

IMG_1888    IMG_1890    IMG_1886

IMG_1885    IMG_1884    IMG_1882

IMG_1881    IMG_1880    IMG_1883



Veejay Floresca‘s Broken Flowers collection exalted different floral prints and patterns that are visually stunning and evoking.

IMG_1895    IMG_1900    IMG_1896

IMG_1897    IMG_1898    IMG_1899

Patty Ang‘s Hamptons Flow collection featured pieces of chic structure yet moves with grace.

   IMG_1921    IMG_1926    IMG_1923

IMG_1924    IMG_1922    IMG_1925

Ann Ong’s Nature is Gold collection featured opulent accessories and handicrafts of bold statements.

IMG_1927    IMG_1928    IMG_1930

IMG_1929    IMG_1932    IMG_1931



Bomberg Philippines featured collaborations with fashion designers Tony Evan, Cheetah Rivera, Renan Pacson and Pablo Cabahug.

IMG_1934    IMG_1935

IMG_1938    IMG_1936    IMG_1937


IMG_1940    IMG_1941

I’m so floored to catch up and have a photo op with Project Runway Philippines Season 4 winner Joy Chicano!

Manila Fashion Festival S/S 2016 Day 3 was held at The Eye, Green Sun Hotel, Makati City last October 24, 2015

See more of Day 3 runway photos at


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