The Things I(Still) Do In The Name Of Love

This was supposed to be my V-Day post. I forgot the reason why I didn’t post this, hell maybe I just don’t care – the irony of it.

This is for those who bleed their hearts out, to those who pretend to use their brains. A possible eye-opener and a slap on the back of the head for the players. 

Here goes…

“Eh kase mahal ko sya…” (Coz I love him/her)

It can be said as simple as no-care-at-all or something pulled-up from deep down the gut. It can be pathetic to some, romantic or admirable. 
Like everthing in this world, love isn’t perfect, its not the roses, its not the warm hugs, the sweetest kiss, the passionate sex, the fondest memory – that makes love feel so much real. It is also those twisted heartaches, the struggle to keep it together, the sacrifices you have to make, the choice of prioritizing yourself – or someone else. 
For me it has always been the lonelier road, though I always have a choice. I guess I wanna know how strong I could be, how long I could hold those tears back or hold my heart from beating – metaphorically speaking, but it kinda feels like it. It can be an excuse or maybe I am borderline masochist, there’s a teenie-weenie possibility. But one cannot deny the learning experience from it, those what-ifs I tested, do I let go, do I control, do I even try? Do I end it, do I go on, do I even move forward?
There’s so much to explore, so much to understand and a lot to consider. It is a whole lot more to take in but just like how we get schooled – we learn, we don’t forget and we leverage. The beauty that comes with love and relationship is how well you recover and try again. So it now becomes, the sweetest kiss before a goodbye, or a passionate sex after a huge fight, or recalling the fondest memory after a passing of a loved one.
Life is really short, so continue to hope, to care and to love.
Cheers on this V Day!

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