COMING SOON: Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2016

  Stronger on this 20th year in Philippine fashion, Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2016 highlights collaboration of veteran fashion designers Jerome Salaya Ang, Randall Solomon, Melchor Guinto, Jeffrey Rogador, to name a few, with accessory brands like Casemate and Moshi to enhance fashion and style attitude. 

Happening on May 28 and 29, 2016 at Discovery Primea, Makati City, the event is to showcase collections from Project Runway Philippines Season 4 finalists, Jared Cervano and Celine Borromeo.
Here’s the Holiday 2016 schedule:

May 28 – Saturday

11:30 AM – Celine Borromeo

01:30 PM – Melchor Guinto x Misfit

03:30 PM – Randall Solomon x Beyerdynamic

05:30 PM – Arnold Galang

07:30 PM – Noel Crisostomo

09:30 PM – Jerome Salaya Ang x Sonix
May 29 – Sunday

11:30 AM – Jared Cervano

01:30 PM – Jeffrey Rogador x Thecoopidea

03:30 PM – EsAc by Audie E, Jun-Jun Cambe for EsAc

05:30 PM – Sidney Perez Sio x Moshi

07:30 PM – Amir Sali

09:30 PM – Cherry Samuya Veric x Casemate


Visit for registration and more fashion updates!

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