INSIGHT: Fashion Limits – How Do We Push It Further?

One can argue that it is appalling to put a business coat over a Barong Tagalog(embroidered formal shirt), and to add more insult – a floral print bullcap, as if spring hasn’t gone by. The juxtaposition however, is what propels the art of fashion and style, it moves fashion forward. The mix of prints, unconventional over rich fabric interplay, gender-crossing and fashion comebacks (tasteful or a lack thereof) are all at large, on runways and streets. 

But what drives the business of fashion? The critical market? A great team of experts? Sponsors? Social media? Valued clients? Or just word of mouth? They all matter.

Sometimes I wonder, with all the crisis our world faces right now – terrorism, climate change, poverty – to name a few, it is with a positive note that the fashion business continues to evolve and remains competitive. Locally, it thrives and while globalisation is a key factor, nationalism is never out of the picture.

Tell me what you think, do you agree? Yay or Nay?


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