Making things happen thru creative and passionate vision. Manila Fashion Festival launches its “Now” collections just in time for the Fall/Winter and Holiday 2016 season.

After the success of Day One shows, Day Two shows showcased the distinct fashion-forward and commercial appeal of ready-to-wear designer collections.

Here are the highlights from the collections presented during DAY TWO.

Runway photography credits to Deneb Villanueva for


This is the now on Fino Leatherware, colorful bags come stylishly durable.


This is the now on Arin’s ‘Reboot’ collection, where minimalism with traditional fashion forward cyberpunk elements dominated the runway.
Watch the curtain call here.


This is the now on Gabbie Sarenas’ ’ ‘Pintuho’ collection as it celebrates the beauty of Philippine farming that is rugged yet romantic.
Watch the curtain call here.


This is the now as Manila Fashion Festival partners with online fashion store ZALORA, enabling digital experience in a ‘See Now, Buy Now’ concept, here showcased its latest collection.
Watch the curtain call here.


This is now on Basic Movement’s ‘En Fin de Compte/ Fin’ collection by Esme Palaganas showcasing great abstract visions and colorful trends.
Watch the curtain call here.

This is the now on Goethe Institut designs in partnership with Manila Fashion Festival as it brings German talents and sustainable fashion and designs to the Philippine market.
Watch the curtain call here.


This is the now on Weave’s Dimension collection featuring design narrative of linear movements inspired by geometrical architecture.
Watch the curtain call here.

With its overwhelming passion and vision to bring forth Philippine fashion even more to the international market, this fifth season of Manila Fashion Festival together with Art Personas is by far its biggest show – featured over 60 designers, 10 topline brands, a design competition and boasting 23 partners including Samsung, Zalora, Aderans and Bobson Japan.

Manila Fashion Festival NOW 2016 happened last October 18 to 21 at the EDSA Shangri-la Manila Hotel, Mandaluyong Philippines.

Be in the know, here is the NOW..This is Manila Fashion Festival NOW.


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