Culmination Night: Cycle 3 FACE Of The PHILIPPINES

All geared up for the grandest and most prestigous modelling competition across Asia – 2017 Asia New Star Model Contest, Face of the Philippines (FOP) has just concluded its search for Cycle 3 male/female top model and named Rizza Decena as the grand winner to represent our country. Rizza, along with other models and runner-ups, are set to compete with other model bets from over 20 Asian countries at the 7th Asia New Star Model Contest at South Korea for the coveted Face Of Asia Grand Prize.

Congratulations Rizza Decena!
How huge is Asia New Star Model Contest? Watch this short clip (and navigate thru the website while you’re there) as Face of the Philippines Cycle 2 Grand Winner Kathlyn Asuncion with fellow FOP and Art Personas models Adrian Meyers, Irene Kaye Sandig and Mariah Roxanne J competed last May 2016. 

Photo credits to owner/s.

Kathlyn won a sponsor award and became part of the Face of Asia Final 10 while Irene won three sponsor awards, how awesome is that?
And not only that, Philippines’ own top models Justine Gabionza and Marx Topacio both received 2016 Asia Star Model Awards! Holla!

With a total of 19 Cycle 3 participants (10 guys and 9 girls), so who are the runner-ups of this cycle of Face of the Philippines? Congratulations are in order!


Karl Danao

Adrian Ramos – 1st Runner-Up

Jeffrey Camus

Christian Uy – 2nd Runner-Up

Jimmy Nocon – 3rd Runner-Up

Jomm Alcabasa

Blake Jones

Carlo Bombales

Jerome Olidana

Earnest Cube


Carla Hufano – 2nd Runner-Up

Ayen Mangaring

Rizza Decena – Grand Winner

Genica Contreras

Erla Garcia – 3rd Runner-Up

Diane Santiago

Zoe Santiago

Michaela Aranca

Sheila S
Here are some of the highlights from the culmination night of Cycle 3 Face of the Philippines with sponsorship from Converse Philippines and Dress Coke.

Watch the FOP Converse Philippines runway curtain call here

As an additional treat, here are Face of the Philippines alumni walking for Dress Coke!

Watch the FOP Dress Coke runway curtain call here

Just so you know the models were judged by Sponsor Heads and supermodels during the culmination night and were also pre-judged prior the show. Here are some editorial shots featuring Converse Philippines looks, photo credits to owner.

Adrian Ramos
Erla Garcia
Christian Uy
Rizza Decena
Jeffrey Camus
Ayen Mangaring
Genica Contreras
Karl Danao

For more details check Face of the Philippines’ official website here and their Facebook page here!

Culmination night of the 3rd cycle of Face of the Philippines modelling competition happened last October 19 during Manila Fashion Festival NOW 2016 at the EDSA Shangri-la Manila Hotel, Mandaluyong Philippines.


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