My YEAR 2016

I’m saying Good Night to 2016.

This year I’m on a full-blown Unit Manager work role associated with high expectations and competencies set to establish well-managed process machinery, sustain very good people engagement and drive outstanding overall performance, sounds too broad? Yep that’s how it is. It is up to me and my colleagues how to break it down, do it and do not miss.

Given that level of stress I need to do something that is 360 degrees different from that routine. I’m glad I was able to find time to attend and blog fashion shows and events, got to upgrade my WordPress blogsite, also do things I enjoy like dancing and cheerleading, travel recreations and explore personal development . While emotions are high and crazy for the most part, recovering quickly and focusing on what’s important while integrating personal and work stuff is a necessity.

Here’s a mix of the good and the bad I had this year:

1. Recovered steadily from a severe case of low back pain due to muscle spasm from January thru February by doing home exercises and hitting the gym.

2. Celebrated at Promotion Banquet last February with other promoted colleagues at Alabang Palms Country Club. The best part is that our Leadership Team personally mentioned that they like my shirt hahaha!

3. Got invited, attended and blogged Penshoppe Spring/Summer 2016 fashion show which happened last February at Palace Pool Club BGC. I used the following hashtags #PenshoppeSS16 and #PenshoppeGotLucky that trended that night!

4. Managed to perform on-stage a full-on energy, high-impact dance number together with my Guild family during our Year Starter Party towards end of February at Grand Ballroom Marriott Hotel. Yes, as if I didn’t have severe low back pain a few months ago! And of course I dressed sharply during the event.

5. I was particularly drunk that whole week, after shifts and during dance rehearsals. I had a hard time managing the fact that I was played the whole time, that I am once again The Other Guy. It was bad romance all over again.

6. Managed to travel alone(unintentional) and do some soul searching for three days at Boracay in the island of Aklan early March.

7. Tested Non-Reactive for Human Immunodeficency Virus last March.

8. Attended and blogged Manila Fashion Festival Fall/Winter 2016 four-day fashion show event which happened last April at Marquee Tent, Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.

9. Stupidity has its own way of hitting me hard on the head. In less than two months, I proved once again that cheaters will always be cheaters and they do not deserve a chance for redemption. It took a lot of courage, energy and discipline to manage my emotions and my judgement. It is what it is, all I ever want is to show a better future, but it made me blind, it was a mistake from the start. A birthday of mine I don’t wanna recall.

10. Attended and blogged Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2016 two-day fashion show event which happened last May at Discovery Manila Hotel Makati City.

11. Performed on-stage again with my Guild family during our Family Day event at Filinvest Tent last June.

12. Got picked by Haus of Laurel to attend Fashionology Talks 2016 which happened last July at Grand Ballroom Marriott Hotel during Fashion Exchange Intl event with renowned Filipino fashion designer Rajo Laurel as one of the guest speakers! Got to attend and blog about the main event too, wow!

13. Got hooked to Pokemon Go mobile game app as soon as it was released last August and it proved to be a very good distraction. Reached Level 20 in less than 20 days!

14. Led and gave my heart out with the NVO Cheer Squad cheerdance performance with 2mos preparation and execution from creative direction, choreography and all of logistics and legwork. It drained and recovered me at the same time. It was bittersweet but we made people proud, we became a favorite, we made history. 

15. Tried scuba-diving for the first time at Casa Bahia Resort last September. It was amazing! It took me a lot of focus and courage to overcome my fear in a dark and underwater setting. Also tried Ju-jitsu that week but all that grappling is not for me.

16. Attended and blogged Manila Fashion Festival NOW 2016 four-day fashion show event which happened last October at Marquee Tent, Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.

17. Completed One-Up leadership program within my workplace aimed to improve coaching skills, quality decision-making and people management. Also got to take the assessment and interpreted my Personalysis profile which says a lot about my Rational, Socialized and Instinctive behaviors.

18. Received Recognition for Outstanding Leadership and Engagement award within my workplace as nominated by my colleagues per my contributions last 3rd quarter. Ceremony and Recognition events happened last November helh at Bellevue Grand Ballroom and at Bale Dutung Restaurant, respectively.

19. Attended and blogged Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 one-day fashion show event last November held at Discovery Manila Hotel Makati City straight from a team beach outing at Bataan.

20. Hosted our Thanksgiving Party last November held at Grand Ballroom Crimson Hotel. Oh I was also heavily involved in planning the event that includes the program, performances and legworks on a less than 2 week timeline. It is like all hell breaks loose kind of thing.

21. Got to participate at a caroling competition and yet another dance number with Guild performers on a back to back events within workplace this month. All voice and dance rehearsals in a span of one week. Yes I’m a star! Lol!

So there you have it, those are some of my highlights and lowlights this year, there are a lot more life lessons, events and experiences of course. But until next year, I’m saying Good Morning to 2017.


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