Model Spotlight | Lawrence Cervantes (Artist/Model)

Lawrence’s profile photo

Full Name: Lawrence Jay D. Cervantes

Height & Weight: 6ft, 64 kilos

Suit Size: Medium

Shoe Size: 10

Talent Agency: Art Personas

Hobbies: Drawing, playing guitar

Professional Goal/s: To become a national artist

Where you’ve seen him: Walked at Manila Fashion Festival for fashion designers Avel Bacudio, Mark Tamayo, Odelon Simpao, Allen Soco, Niño Angeles and international brands LAUQUEN and Dress Coke Italia. 

Lawrence’s highlights from Manila Fashion Festival
Lawrence’s highlights from Manila Fashion Festival
Much like the celebrities nowadays, one needs to be multi-talented and has to embrace their passion and do what they love to do. For Lawrence, before strutting down the runways, he found his passion for the arts from taking up Bachelor of Fine Arts at Bulacan State University to painting for almost a decade now and for being part of many art exhibitions.

His recent group art exhibition featured his collaboration with two of his college buddies, Don Bryan Bunag and Marvin Quizon, with their own interpretation of Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World painting entitled After Christina’s World launched last February 1st at Galerie Stephanie, 8 Rockwell at Makati City. His vivid and realistic strokes complimented the mood and landscapes depicted by the other two artists forming a cohesive story of romance and struggle.

Mood'(moment) oil on canvas 20x15in 2017
Mood'(mesmerizing) oil on canvas 20x15in 2017
Mood'(second thought) oil on canvas 20x15in 2017
Mood'(acceptance) oil on canvas 20×15 2017
Mood'(overthink) oil on canvas 30x40in 2017

Lawrence shares his passion and experiences with painting and with modeling with his agency Art Personas:

1. How did you collaborate with Marvin and Don Bryan in creating your own distinctive paintings for “After Christina’s World”?

– Actually I didn’t find it difficult to collaborate with them as we have the same style, mood and theme though we have different techniques that we used to execute our works. Also the concept of “After Christina’s World” really fits our style. 

2. Where do you usually draw inspiration from when you create masterful works?

– My inspiration comes from looking at the paintings of master artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Lucian Freud, Rembrant, and locally Orley Ypon, Ronald Ventura, Ivan Roxas. Of course I also get inspiration from emotions of what’s happening around or the reality of it that is so-called “hugot” (means a pull of emotions from not so good life experiences).

3. What makes it interesting between creating artwork and modelling at the same time? 

– Creating artwork feels like I’m out of this world, much like not being in this reality, you’d be in that zone without realizing you’re already painting for 4 hours or if you’re sound tripping, you are not entirely hearing the songs. With modeling it is fun, there’s so many people who appreciates the art and this is where I learned to be in front of a lot of people. That feeling when you’re walking down the runway just like you’re the star of that night is the same feeling when someone looks and appreciate your art during an exhibit.

4. How’s so far modelling with Art Personas help you achieve your career goals? 

– I really love Art Personas because here I felt that we are a family regardless if I’m with my co-models or staff. We’re like a tight group of friends who can goof around every go-sees, there’s no wasted time even if the day is tiring coz it is so much fun. I also appreciate their unconditional feedback and guidance that really helps me and molds me as a model.

Supported by Art Personas model friends Irene and Jake
Supported by Art Personas model friends Adrian, Irene and Jake

5. How do you enjoy and put fun while doing modeling work with other models? 

– For me I show my co-models who I am and what I am, in that way I’m getting their attention, they don’t feel aloof and they connect with me. I don’t find it difficult approaching my co-models coz they’re very approachable and very kind. I think everyone needs to be true to themselves so that they can enjoy every second of their life.


Wishing you the best in your career Lawrence!

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