CAO XUÂN TÀI of Vietnam is the MAN OF THE WORLD 2018

Vietnam’s Cao Xuân Tài is the Man of the World 2018! Twenty seven contestants from around the world competed for the coveted role of Masculinity with Responsibility held at FilOil Flying V Arena, San Juan City, Philippines last July 14, 2018.

The Runner-Ups from Finals Night are as follows:

1st Runner-Up Clint Karkliñs from the Philippines

2nd Runner-Up Bjorn Camilleri from Malta

3rd Runner-Up Ondrej Valenta from Czech Republic

4th Runner-Up Natapol Aon from Thailand

Cao Xuân Tài is a fitness model and coach based in Ho Chi Minh City and has also done numerous runway and print campaign in Vietnam.

Cao Xuân Tài’s charm and endearing smile made him an early front runner of the competition which started last July 1st and has won numerous awards and medals through out the competition including Best in Casual Wear, Best in Swimwear and Darling of the Press recognition. He was crowned by Mostafa Galal Elezali, Man of the World 2017 from Egypt.

Check out the gallery below for the highlights of Cao Xuân Tài’s journey to Man of the World 2018 captured by the wonderful Joy Arguil of FAB Photography! See more on her Facebook page.

Also check out Man of the World Pageant Facebook page for the coverage of the event.

CONGRATULATIONS CAO XUÂN! We look forward on your reign as Man of the World!


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