For All The World To GO SEE!

Similar to model Go Sees are castings whether for a TV or a movie role. Models are for actors, portfolio or setcards are for filmography, model registration are for audition tapes, the word of mouth however, works very similar on both industries. While fashion is revolutionized as both of art and commerce disciplines, fashion can’t deny it’s own show business, an open secret for the world to see. Each designer, whether in retail or individual brand, has dreamt(and still going for it) that someday celebrities and public figures will wear them or their clothes will be featured on the cover or main page of their favorite fashion magazine or online site. So when fashion designers cast models for runway – a model’s face, name, walk or prior work aren’t the only ones that matter. The top model power or should I say the “celebrity status” that is best fit to represent their upcoming collection is highly considered.

Is it a reality that is too harsh? Nah, all kinds of industries have that one ultimate goal to standout, to be the rank #1, or to be the main and major player, to be the best in the market, or to stay relevant and set the trend. Everyone needs to aim high, that is how standards are set and keep the business progressing.

At the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Model Go See last September, here are some of the models that stood-out, the favorites, and most likely the ones that you’ll see strutting at the runway shows! You can also check out my IG posts at @rowellrifrif

Mark your calendars this coming October 16 to 19 for Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Spring/Summer 2019 to be held at Marquee Tent Edsa Shangri La. Register here!

Special thanks to Art Personas’ Mr. Ronnie Cruz, Ms. Sara Kae and Tito Junel.


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