Day Two | SS ‘19 Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival

This season of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, the fashion of today and tomorrow is all about shape, form and movement. The creative process and output on those three aspects has never been dictinct today across the industry as well as the market or should I say, us as buyers who wear and flaunt the designs and incorporate them to our own personal style. Trendsetting is now evolving with fashion as now both art and business, Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival delivers not only the fashion and creative talent but at the same time positions Manila as a fashion capital together with brand partnerships and sponsors.

Here are some of the looks from Day Two of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 9. Runway photography by Trixie Dauz, Angela Camaquin and from MEGA Magazine. Check out the rest of the Day Two collections at Manila Fashion Festival.

“Camino” by Chris Diaz

Retro vibes of leopard prints, bold colors, rock ‘n roll attitude yet still feels contemporary. See the runway curtain call here.

“Shatranj” by Renan Pacson

Deconstructed denim mixed with paisley pattern and draped outerwears gives a breath of fresh air on menswear fashion.

See the runway curtain call here.

“Covenant” by Wilbur Lang

Discover a new sense of beauty and ease of style in oversized sleeves casually draped skirts.

See the runway curtain call here.

“Dance in the Dark” by Kelvin Morales

Dark experimentation represented in fascinating shapes and forms using industrial materials like silicone rubber and acrylic glass gives a new spin on wearable art. See the runway curtain call here.

“Adrift” by Juan Paolo

Elegence depicted in different kinds of fabrics with flattering silhouettes and an alluring glamour. See the runway curtain call here.

“Fragments” by KC Pusing

Taking ques from Takahiro Hirabayashi’s Phantom Pain, Dragon Nest and of everyday journey, the collection pushes modern streetwear fashion forward. See the runway curtain call here.

“Transit” by Kaye Morales

The Transit collection turned up a notch higher with the signature gender-bending looks with loud prints, vivid colors and bold forms. See the runway curtain call here.

“Indayog” by Patrick Lazol

Taking inspiration from Filipino pre-colonial era – plaid prints, classic forms and pop of color blasts this wearable fashion from the past into today. See the runway curtain call here.

Reynier Abello

Imagining these stylish ladies and gents that forever harvests at their rich fields so delicately scorched under the summer sun. See the runway curtain call here.

“Disco Mermaids” by Yong Davalos

What is summer without some bronze and sheer dazzle? With fresh fabric textures and 80s silhouettes, this collection brings extravangance in summer parties. See the runway curtain call here.

Day Two of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Spring/Summer 2019 happened last October 17, 2018 at The Marquee Tent, EDSA Shangri-la Manila Hotel, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.


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