MICHAEL CINCO: The Impalpable Dream of Faith

Michael Cinco presents his Autumn/Winter 2021 collection of sublime couture in monochromatic and baby hues, breathes in studded with jewels, and color paint embellishments. Michael described the collection with God bringing hope and everlasting faith and as our one armour in these trying times.

Shot at Fujeirah Rocky Mountains by photographer Tejal Patni with Editing by Jo, and BTS videos by Mangemong Abad. Photography Assistants Amila & Randy. Creative Direction and Styling by Michael Cinco. Cinematography by Rocky Ko. Color by Dan Mitre Media. Hair and Make-Up by Jojo Dantespadua assisted by team Jennifer Ferrari, Mau Piodena, and Alina Barbu. Assistant Designers Rhon Balagtas, Gian Gerente, and Ronan Opina, with Assistants Malou, Shaina, and Joeffrey. Camera equipment by Light House Studio

Watch the fashion film: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6Gh2vqUGyMM


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One thought on “MICHAEL CINCO: The Impalpable Dream of Faith

  1. Very impressive stylish design & intricate patterns & a Male fashion designer going places guaranteed!✈

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