ARTMask | Charity Through Creativity

Eight outstanding creatives created eight ARTMasks for charity and to an industry kickstart. The creatives took inspiration from countries who have the highest number of Covid-19 cases and transformed thru creativity and art into their ARTMasks. The masks were presented for public viewing from March 5 to March 12, 2021 at Kondwi and then were auctioned online by March 13 and 14. Proceeds will go to chosen local charities such as PAWS, Save The Children, Galang, The Heritage Conservation Society, to name a few.

Safety and Health Protocols were strictly implemented during viewing. Proper social distancing and wearing of face mask with face shield at all times during the scheduled viewing were observed.

Presenting the ARTMasks with inspiration and words from the creatives.

Ehrran Montoya’s “VREELAND”

Beneficiary: Galang

“The mask is an ode to American Vogue’s 1st illustrated cover (1892). Arthur Baldwin Turnure founded Vogue as a weekly newspaper based in New York City. I am inspired to create a mask piece that will highlight both the historic illustrations of Vintage Vogue and the black and white aesthetic scene of New York City. It is made out of Vogue pages covered with transparent acetate, to give emphasis on the newspaper-magazine article print vibes, embellished with pearls: representing the American fashion women during the late 50’s, the likes of Marilyn Monroe. Pearls possess a history and allure far beyond what today’s wearer may recognize, United States became famous for two products; it is the freshwater pearls and Mother-of-Pearl. Dangling chains with silver stars are adorned continuously to represent gatsby as the American Dream and the 50 states in the flag of America.”

Julius Tarog’s “VINICUNCA”

Beneficiary: Save The Children

“In this time of pandemic, I believed to stay strong because there’s a rainbow every after storm. I was inspired to use the colorful palette of Vinicunca; the Mountain of Seven Colors, or best known as Rainbow Mountain of Peru, as it gives hope, positivity, and happiness. The materials used are cutbeads from vintage gowns that were re-used to give a new life from the old.”

Levenson Rodriguez’ “GYPSY”

Beneficiary: The Heritage Conservation Society

“I didn’t want to overthink. My mask is more of my ‘levisnotanartist’ persona than being a tailor. I want it raw and flawed. Getting inspiration from the long cold winter of Russia that has profound impact on almost every aspect of life Russia. And the colorful wears of the Ruska Roma or the Russian Gypsy. I want my mask to be more of an art installation than a mask. Unless one would like to see it otherwise. Goving the viewer the decision to decide on what they wanted it to be.”

Louis Magalona Claparols’ “MAKEDA”

Beneficiary: The Philippine Animal Welfare Society 

“The country assigned to me was South Africa, so I was going for a modern tribal look. Something you would probably imagined on the warriors from Wakanda. I mixed a lot of things, to give it texture, metal, crystals, mate sequins stacked together which look like bone fragments from afar to give it a very tribal feel.”

Roel Rosal’s “VISTOSA”

Beneficiary: Cancer Treatment & Support Foundation Inc.

“Vistosa is inspired mainly by the arts and crafts of Colombia. One particular craft that caught my attention is the Wayuu Mochila bags produced by the women of Wayuu tribe located in the arid Guajira Peninsula on the northern part of Colombia and northwest of Venezuela. The colorful patterns usually feature intricate tribal designs and colors inspired by nature. Another inspiration is the beadworks of the Embera Chami tribe of Colombia, featured in their beaded jewelries. The mask features crochet and beadworks with geometric patterns in vibrant colors and multi-colored tassels.”

Russell Tero Villafuerte’s “VRITRA”

Beneficiary: Cribs Foundation Inc.

“Inspired by the Hindu Vedic serpent, dragon, or demon Vritra. It is the personification of drought and an adversary of Indra. The mas is made from various materials and techniques to achieve the 3D effect. Different colors of cut glass beads were used to achieve a very Indian aesthetic. Different types of cords were all painfully cut, patterned and sewn by hand, to create different patterns. Different kinds of sequins were used to imitate the scales of a dragon.”

Tipay Caintic’s “LA DESVALIDA”

Beneficiary: Hope & Haven 4 PAWS

“Inspired by the attitude and the street of Buenos Aires, La Desvalida Mask (The Underdog), takes a nod at graffiti artists’ iconic bandanas worn to protect them from spray paint fumes and to hide their identities from the authorities. Argentina ranks 8th in the world when it comesto stray animals on their streets. Negro Matapacos, a stray dog that protected student activists and fought off police, hailed as a symbol of resistance. Hints of traditional Argentinian costume. In this time of pandemic, feelings of dissent, a loathing towards police and military.”

Estien Quijano’s “ROMERO”

Beneficiary: Claret Heritage Council

“ROMERO is a Spanish and Italian surname meaning: A person on a religious journey or pilgrimage from Rome (possibly to Jerusalem); procession of holy items. The pungent botanical herb rosemary symbolizing remembrance and fidelity. A guardian of religious cemeteries or shrines. It is inspired from one of the earliest Matador Francisco Romero 1700-1763. He was also the one who introduced the Red Cape Muleta in bull fighting. Consequently, the Sultanate of the Philippines was also at the height of power during this time in the early part of the 18th century. I’ve used Balud, a Maranao fabric, and other Mindanaoan embellishments such as T’boli brass bells and brass rings and created an Art Mask fit to match the Traje de Luces (Suit of Light) worn by the matador to showcase the fusion of Spanish-Filipino culture and heritage. Corollary to this, my chosen beneficiary is also about heritage – the Claret Heritage Council – whose patron saint is San Antonio Maria Claret, a Spanish missionary, whose teachings and values Scientia Maxime Cum Virtute is in the core of my being and will be forever engraved in my heart. The Art Mask is about 95% hand-stitched – low carbon footprint. It has an inner felt cloth as filtet, a movable lower jawand adjustable straps to lessen tension on the ear loops and is truly artistically functional layered with goldwork embroidery appliquesand is lavishly embellished with Mother-of-Pearl, vintage buttons, glass and Swarovski crystals.”

ARTMask | Charity Through Creativity is presented by Fashion Designers Alliance (Fadal Manila) on Changing the Fashion Narrative, together Metro Style with creatives Ehrran Montoya, Julius Tarog, Levenson Rodriguez, Louis Magalona Claparols, Roel Rosal, Russell Tero Villafuerte, Tipay Caintic, Estien Quijano

Special Thanks to Levenson Rodriguez for the personal invite.


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