Lockdown Style No.1

I guess lockdown is more appropriate to quarantine, coz we don’t wanna jinx this fun time. Shooting like crazy, styling around, and dressing up in edgy, runway pieces from fashion designer Renan Pacson was way better than waiting for the runways shows to happen in order to wear these.

We still have a lot of waiting to do on this side of the planet, I can only pray for those suffering badly, hope for better days, and for things to turn around.

Here we have four outstanding pieces to play around –

First, is the black denim shirt with “Baybayin” print on the back which unmistakably coming off from Renan’s “#7” collection for A/W 2017.

Second, is the black denim zip up sleeveless shirt which was showcased at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Tokyo last 2015.

Third, is the uber dramatic black half-jacket wrap.

And fourth, the paisley print long tank top with front drawstring and it comes with a matching chest harness, both pieces were part of Renan’s “Shatranj” Spring/Summer 2019 collection and were showcased at Laos Fashion Week and Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival last 2018.

I took the photos using Samsung S21 and also did self-portraits. Photo processing also by me.


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2 thoughts on “Lockdown Style No.1

  1. I commend this whole dedicated team with this actual photoshoot considering this ongoing never ending corona virus saga so relevant guaranteed !✈

  2. And so many men in the fashion industry will be able to relate to this subject guaranteed!✈

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