Now this post is way overdue, and there’s a reason behind it. The travel and photos were from the earlier part of the year specifically a week right before a major lockdown that hit the metro, a year after the pandemic broke out. Maybe that’s the reason and maybe I’m too guilty to share. Well, it’s not that I broke any health protocols, I mean we went through all the health and travel requirements. But you know, the stay as much in your home policy was crucial at that time as the active cases were rising. Still, we are lucky to be able to had that Boracay beach trip and came out of it still healthy, even though I felt sick a few days after.

We got the Boracay travel package from Travelspree Tours that is inclusive of airfare through Philippine Airlines, land transfers, 5D4N hotel accommodation with daily breakfast, processing of all necessary documents, and the best part is that it includes a Covid-19 RT-PCR test performed at home by Red Cross representative 48 hours before the flight, I don’t think any travel agency offered that kind of convenience even as of this writing. We get to book a month in advance and I tagged along my beach bud friends, it was their anniversary getaway, and boy the wait was so worth it. The last beach trip I had was almost two years ago, therefore I was patiently waiting for this to happen, so to speak.

The day of my flight to Boracay was a bit rainy with my flight at around seven in the morning, and we didn’t get to land with that flight. It was so rainy at Caticlan airport that we were forced to go back to Manila after thirty minutes and several attempts to land, one attempt was so close that we were just a few meters from the runway. I felt so bummed but I like to think that the pilot did the right thing. When we got back to Manila I was praying and hoping that there’ll be an afternoon flight and thank God there was. I immediately raced to the booking counter, patiently asked for rebooking, and was glad to know that there are a few seats left. The afternoon flight was all clear skies and got to reach and checked in at Hennan Prime Hotel by mid-afternoon.

The Hennan Prime Hotel was superb, usually I would travel cheap on a beach trip but this time I went all for it. Hennan Prime should be one of the best hotels out there at Boracay, it is the one located at Station One while most of the Hennan hotels are at Station Two. For the first day, we get to watch a magnificent sunset and roam around the memorable D’Mall for dinner. You can already see that a lot of establishments were boarded and closed, it was a sad sight. Usually at that time of the year as beach resorts reach peak season, they are already flocked with tourists and place gets crowded and alive. But that night, it was almost empty, a lot of restaurants and bars are open, but not much customers. I hope now as we approach the end of year and restrictions have eased up since then with the number of cases continuously declining that tourism gets to recover, businesses to go back and you know jobs will be available again.

Despite some businesses that were closed, the food and the choices did not disappoint, there were still a lot to choose from and they are all delicious and satisfying. We had our favorite gelato ice cream, pizza, burgers, and of course the usual Pinoy favorites.

So that’s the Part One, for the Part Two, there’s more beach photos and yes, some beach style, how could I let pass an opportunity?


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