Catching Fire’s Fashion Spectacle

It is like watching an avant-garde fashion show scene after scene after scene like for the first two-thirds of the movie. What an eye spectacle! That knitted gray cowl Katniss is wearing at the start of the movie, their tour looks, those Alexander Mcqueens worn by Effie, the menswear coats and even that headpiece the service lady is wearing on the scene where Haymitch is convincing Katniss and Peeta to have allies are totally gorgeous. Kudos to the costume designers, stylists, make-up artists. This movie is fashion porn to the teeth!

Photo credits to Lionsgate, Capitol Couture and other related registered trademarks.




2 thoughts on “Catching Fire’s Fashion Spectacle

  1. Man the movie is just awesum.. fashion to the nth level! The MCqueen outfits and the super avant garde costumes are major!!! My top favorite is the monarch butterfly dress worn by Effie. I almost stop blinking when I saw this. Mcqueen’s spirit is definitely alive and immortalize on the characters esp. Effie.

    I can watch the movie all over again because of the fashion aspect and made me think of being acitizen of Panem instead lolss…. Great post by the way =)


    1. Thanks Ben!! You can tell the actor’s costumes were well thought of for each scene, they are meant to impress and wow the viewers – me, I had difficulty following the story coz I keep on getting amazed with their looks. Really really loving it..

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