What I Am Thankful Of… (My) Year That Was

Last Thanksgiving I got the opportunity to reflect more on the great things that has happened this year on a whole new perspective, and I’m posting them this Christmas as it is most appropriate – the season to reflect, give thanks and hope for more.

This year, I’m thankful I was able to concentrate more on family matters as work life became less busier from the previous. Taking more charge with the expenses is one thing, emotional re-connection is another. I’m no family guy and given we’re not a tight-knit one, to be more attentive and perceptive of the needs around the house has been a challenge, patience and understanding are the key ingredients. Right now I’m getting the hang of it, and I’m thankful for that. This day last year, I might’ve probably done some overtime hours of data analysis and preparing training materials, this year I still have overtime, only its on house chores.

20131225-171228.jpgWhere personal life improves, work life shouldn’t be any different, and during the first quarter of this year is when I can say I peaked at my current career. There I was on a business trip thousands of miles away from home, standing in front of my hotel’s shower room mirror in Vizag, seeing my reflection smiling after I read the congratulations post from my big boss on my Facebook wall. I got recognized as one of the fourteen best employees of our company for the year 2012, it was indeed a prestigious award, something that I’ve really worked for so hard and dreamed to achieve. All I was able to say that time was Thank You to all who congratulated – even the people whom I’m working with at India at that time(who asked for a very impromptu message at a ceremony event on how I got the award, imagine that jolt of panic!). I’m very thankful to all the people I’ve worked with and especially to those who believed and supported me. It was a very happy and memorable moment, a taste of victory, something that you must reminisce every once in a while.

That was the all-time high and I’m not gonna skip out the ones I’m trying not to consider as low downs. They say when you are on the top, the only way to go is to the bottom, I’d say that’s partly true. You can always go further to the top, but if things aren’t working as supposed to be, it is your responsibility to turn it around, keep calm, take control and don’t lose yourself. Inked on my inner right forearm are the words: “Remember Who You Are” – it is a reminder of the great things I can accomplish, what are my capabilities, how will it take. I had it just in time before my career shifted to a new phase, and while I undergo the transition those words kept me fighting a lost battle, kept me doing what I’m supposed to do, kept me volunteering, kept my head up, kept my pride intact. For months it kept me sane and I’m thankful it didn’t break me. Now that my head is on a different place than before and I’ve set my priorities straight, still those words drives me to excel as life paves way to new and exciting opportunities.

The year that was, family and a focused mind aren’t the ones to be thankful of, of course. But great, great friends too, real and fake, old and new found ones. Spent some quality time with them on projects, classroom and process trainings, Corporate Sustainability activities, fashion shows, photo shoots, reunions, wedding ceremonies, beach getaways, dance spot and rehearsals, team buildings, birthday parties, booze and coffee sessions, etc. That’s a lot and I’m very much thankful for their support and the amazing friendships.

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