Best of PhFW SS14 Menswear – COLOR (Part 3 of 6)

It’s an intense, vibrant season ahead. The sun is shining high and boy, look around you, there’s color everywhere!

Take that inspiration and put on those bright, solid hues or you can simply cool things down with a right pop of shade underneath.

Shirts with matching trousers, light fabric blazers or jackets are now available in different tints and contrasts, you should be able to find the right color for your skin tone and mood.

Trouble choosing from the color wheel? Well, just like in art, experiment with the primary colors: blue, red or yellow. What you need to keep in mind is that color, gives off energy to you and people around you, it excites, stimulates and is fun.

Here are some of the clever use of colors meant to sizzle this season:

Chris Jasler_04 Melchor Guinto Melchor Guinto_01 Melchor Guinto_02 Penshoppe_01 SM Men's Fashion_01

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