Best of PhFW SS14 Menswear – BEACHWEAR (Part 4 of 6)

Bet you’ve spent the last several months shredding those unwanted belly fats and toning up those muscles just in time to go shirtless, bask and get that nice tan under the sun…

Great job, but you’re only halfway there.

Those guns and washboard abs are only as good as what you are wearing. So turn up the heat and let that inner sexy beast emerge with the right beachwear for you.

Remember, aside from the design, length and fit of what you’re wearing also matters. Your board shorts or swim trunks should end an inch or two above your mid-thigh and the fit should give justice on how hard you train your glutes and thigh muscles.

Comfy, colorful and lively prints for both upper and lower garments are in, while cover-ups for men are starting to trend. Don’t forget the accessories – handy beach cap, wide-framed sunglasses, cool neckwear and bracelets – to complete the look.

Edwin UyEdwin TanJian Lasala_01Jun Jun Cambe_01LEE_01Penshoppe_06SM Men's Fashion_02

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