Best of PhFW SS14 Menswear – FORMAL WEAR (Part 5 of 6)

Whatever the season is, whatever the occasion or event – corporate meeting, gala, wedding, black-tie, the list goes on, formal wear is a guy’s best friend when it comes to dressing-up. At least one suit should be in his wardrobe(black is a must), should fit really well (if it is not bespoke) and should last several occasions.

Formal wear isn’t just about the perfect matching suit, although ideally it should be, it can also refer to the coat, blazer, a nice crisp shirt or trousers. Accessories that make or break formal wear includes slim tie, wrist watch, pocket square, belt, scarf and have I mentioned a good pair of foot wear?

Another important quality of the formal wear that should be considered, aside from the fit, is the fabric it is made of. Lighter, breathable cotton-made variations are highly preferred during summer and spring – as should be if one is planning to layer two to three pieces in a hot day and still look fresh and neat.

Colored, printed or neutral-toned, so long as fitted perfectly and worn with unparalleled confidence, it will turn a man into a gentleman.

Chris Jasler_03 Edwin Tan_01 Edwin Tan_02 Edwin Tan_03 Melchor Guinto_03 Melchor Guinto_04 Simon Ariel Vasquez

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