LEE’s 125th Anniversary Archive Tour finally hits Manila!

What a huge achievement for the LEE retail brand to reach a successful 125 years on the global market. To celebrate that, LEE presents 125th Anniversary Archive Tour where collections upon collections of items and denim jeans style which vouched critical events in LEE history are showcased. IMG_6911 IMG_6951 IMG_6933Along with the Archive Tour, the launch unveiled the latest collection of LEE Jeans, entitled “101+” which featured denim collaboration with fashion designer Andre Chang. The collection flaunted mostly denim-on-denim looks of different denim washes and striking hip urban appeal, for both men and women. IMG_6937 IMG_6940 IMG_6945 IMG_6947 And the show doesn’t stop there, curiosity comes into play as the launch let us have a glimpse of LEE Style Army’s wearable, innovative denim creations, paving way to top-notched denim craftsmanship and raw talent.

IMG_6955 IMG_6957 IMG_6952 Host Kim Jones(right) with LEE Historian Jean Svadlenak(left). IMG_6970 Curious to know about the archived items? Stay curious for now, you’ll find out on my next blog. Cheers y’all! IMG_6975 IMG_6973

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