LEE 125th Anniversary ARCHIVES (Part 1 of 2)

Now here are the Archives from LEE 125th Anniversary Archive Tour held at Glorietta Activity Center, Makati, Philippines.

1) LEE two-stitched sleeve jacket as seen here on an original 101LJ LEE Cowboy Jacket 1949-1953, featuring an Alaskan blanket lining and a corduroy collar.

2) The original LEE Lazy S back pocket stitch, introduced 1944, when both pockets viewed together they resemble the shape of the famous “Long Horn” comics.

3) An original(and vintage) LEE Overall workwear produced for a diverse workforce, popular with railroad workers. Early on LEE already shows functionality and utility on this piece as shown with the pockets on front.

4) Now comes the latest(and unique) collection, LEE 101+, a reinterpretation of the classic 101 collection which has a legacy that spanned for over 100 years. LEE only created a little over thousand pieces and each are marked with a serial number. Talk about rarity huh?
Here’s my favorite from the 101+ collection, you know I love me some denim shirt. Classic cut yet contemporary on the design, this one is a real catch!

5) Wouldn’t miss these pieces of innovation and outstanding craftmanship from LEE Style Army with this season’s motto “Moving Forward While Looking Backwards”

6) Mural painting by Daryl Feril

7) 125 Buddy Lee’s!!

More of the Archives soon! Thanks to Ivan Bernandino for the great blast from the past Archive Tour! Stay curious.

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