Fil-Am Model JEFF LANGAN Covers GARAGE Magazine Sept2015

This must be the best of times when a model is on a cover of a fashion magazine, I know, it kinda sounds ironic, funny and sorry for the term, stupid. But nowadays where TV network celebrities dominate all sorts of magazine covers over and over again(its sickening), this is the breath of fresh air! The fashion gods have listened!  Enter international male Fil-Am fitness and fashion model Jeff Langan on his very first cover with Philippines’ top men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, Garage, on its September 2015 Big Fall Style issue shot on New York City. 

Here I’d say put the models back on the covers of fashion magazines where they belong.

Grab a copy now and be on the look out for an alternative cover:   

Check out Instagram accounts @jeff_langan and @garagemagazine for behind the scenes photos!

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