The rave on menswear is still on as Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week hit the pumped-up club runway on its seventh season and showcased exciting and fashion forward looks of the season.


The first day of the two-day event offered strong, classy sophistication and an edgy diversity only these talented designers can showcase. All runway photos by Lito Caleon of FabManilaPh.

Mark Dela Peña‘s Back to Bae-sics collection featured the Modern Man + Classic Ensemble.

IMG_0644      IMG_0643

IMG_0662      IMG_0661


Nico Agustin‘s Earthly Hufflepuffs collection displayed an interplay classic menswear and modern overalls in yellow, orange and blue.

IMG_0625      IMG_0623

IMG_0627      IMG_0624 IMG_0628    IMG_0629


Ramon Favila‘s collection ventured on contemporary contrasting men’s apron.

IMG_0648    IMG_0650    IMG_0647


Dauson Bermtay‘s Androdrifters collection featured electrifying hues and interesting cut-outs with a touch of avante garde on sporty and formal menswear.

IMG_0651      IMG_0652

IMG_0659    IMG_0653    IMG_0656

IMG_0657      IMG_0655 IMG_0683


Naomi Ng‘s business wear meant now and urgent turning up the notch of corporate menswear.

IMG_0685      IMG_0687

IMG_0688      IMG_0686


Charles Anito‘s Rois Tasse collection dared red and royal flush inspired prints in sporty and sophisticated pieces, such an exquisite taste.

IMG_0693    IMG_0702    IMG_0697

IMG_0696    IMG_0705    IMG_0695

IMG_0701    IMG_0694    IMG_0700

IMG_0698      IMG_0699




Aaron Dela Cruz‘s casual menswear in geometric and floral prints.

IMG_0773      IMG_0774

IMG_0723      IMG_0724


Donald Green‘s Printed Quilty collection featured couture Mica embellishments of quilts and prints.

IMG_0725    IMG_0729    IMG_0726

IMG_0730    IMG_0727    IMG_0728



Jovan Dela Cruz‘s Spectrum collection showcased psychedelic celebration of color on his signature well-tailored formal menswear.

IMG_0736    IMG_0734    IMG_0738

IMG_0735      IMG_0741

IMG_0739    IMG_0742




Lia Amper‘s luxe and stylish sportswear collection is ready to take the first place.

IMG_0744    IMG_0747    IMG_0746

IMG_0745    IMG_0761    IMG_0764


Yako Reyes‘ Transmigration collection featured his signature oversized modern menswear pieces that are thoughtfully layered and draped.

IMG_0753    IMG_0755    IMG_0757

IMG_0752      IMG_0754

IMG_0751      IMG_0756


MJ Alminanza brought sultry appeal to linear prints for her PMFW collection.

IMG_0717    IMG_0718    IMG_0720

IMG_0719      IMG_0721


More of menswear collections on Day 2 of Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week!


Day 1 of the Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 was held at House Manila, Remington Hotel, Resorts World Manila last August 20, 2015. Executive Producers Nico Agustin and MJ Alminanza.

Check out their social media accounts for more Philippine menswear fashion:
Facebook: The Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week

Instagram: @pilipinas_mensfashionweek


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