On my very first designer feature here in my TheStyleRandomGuy blog, Singapore-based Filipino fashion designer Melchor Guinto was gracious enough to give his fashion insights and answered several of my questions highlighting his Holiday 2016 collection and the Melchor Guinto label.
Watch the curtain call clip of his Enigma Holiday 2016 collection here.



Melchor Guinto’s Holiday 2016 collection featured formal and ready-to-wear menswear in rich fall hues of red, blue, green and black with a right amount of exciting prints within the collection which definitely turned the sophistication up a notch. 
Here’s Part 1 of 2 of my Designer Spotlight with Melchor Guinto:
Q: Your Holiday 2016 Enigma collection speaks about an impressive interplay of mesh and menswear, can you please tell us more about your inspiration for this collection.

A: The inspiration for my Holiday 2016 Collection was originally based on the mystery evoked by a certain type of contemporary man integrating mesh to create a luxurious yet sporty look. I tried to use these seemingly ironic themes to create a unique, personal, and cohesive look that a typical modern urban guy would want and be able to wear. 

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Q: We’ve always seen fashion-forward menswear designs and exquisite tailoring from the Melchor Guinto label, referencing Tabibito Spring/Summer 2014 and Enigma Holiday 2016 collections, what drives you to seek inspirations and translates them into fashion?

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A: I have always been true to my designs, having a certain DNA and look when a man wears a Melchor Guinto piece of clothing. Inspirations are not accidental or by chance but rather takes a lot of time and preparation to come up with an appropriate theme that I would want to use for a certain season. Translating into fashion is a totally different process in which I have to tackle making the clothes wearable, functional and aesthetically pleasing yet still having that certain edge of staying in tune with my design and the theme of each collection.


“Tabibito” Spring/Summer 2014 Collection
“Tabibito” Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Q: Men of different ages have been very particular with the current fashion and their own personal style, how do you take this into consideration on your collections and collaborations?

A: I will respond similar to how I responded to one of the previous questions in that being true to my design aesthetics and DNA, I have also been very particular with what I want to see how a man that wears Melchor Guinto would want to look and feel. The clothes I provide are flexible and timeless for the wearer to be able to layer and/ or play with other pieces mixing and combining different design to create a personalized look that men will feel comfortable and good in. There is a certain discipline and this is always at the back on my mind when I produce my creations being mindful always with the requirements of the collection and collaborations. 



Watch out for more of Melchor Guinto’s fashion insights at the Part 2 of 2 of Designer Spotlight: Melchor Guinto.
Enigma by Melchor Guinto was showcased last Day 1 of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2016, May 28th at Discovery Primea, Makati City.
Special thanks to Charles Cua!
You can contact Melchor Guinto thru email at
Mobile numbers:

Smart 09081183698 

Globe 09267021202 

Sun 09338774988
Check out his social media accounts:


Instagram @mpguinto
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