Here’s the Part 2 of my Designer Spotlight: Melchor Guinto where the Singapore-based Filipino fashion designer answered a few of my questions and highlighted his vision and fashion insights on Philippine fashion market. 

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Q: It is really good to see our local fashion designers such as you venture and gain recognition from the international market, how would you differ our local market to Singapore and the rest of the world?


A: The world is getting smaller due to globalization. We are part of this network of artists and producers of quality merchandise. The Filipino heart, soul and talent are things that should not be taken for granted, embracing them, to be proud of as we can contribute to this global network community. Our market in the Philippines has a certain taste as well as the functionality and practical applications due to our distinct weather are taken into consideration as compared to other cities in the world which has their own tastes, preferences and needs. 


Melchor Guinto Spring 2015 looks in collaboration with Converse Made By You campaign.

Q: Being a fashion designer based abroad, what are some of your highlights and opportunities?


A: Being able to show in Singapore, Los Angeles and Seattle, I was touched with the support given by Filipinos I met and also being appreciated by the fashion community and people in the industry as they see the passion and work I put in creating the collection shown. As this industry is very competitive we always pray that opportunities will be there to open doors and give encouragement to keep improving and provide wonderful creations.

Melchor Guinto Holiday 2014 collection showcased during Philippine Fashion Week

Q: How do you envision the local Philippine fashion continue to be successful as an industry and a market?


A: The Philippine fashion industry comprises of so many hard-working people in different aspects and areas of specialties and am still amazed with the talents and creativity that we are blessed to have. I believe the Philippine fashion market will be more sophisticated and successful due to these pool of dedicated industry leaders and people. As we tackle poverty in the country, I believe that we could help out by doing what we can to help out be a part of this thriving industry.         


Melchor Guinto recently showcased his Holiday 2016 collection highlighting the interplay of mesh to formal menswear making it feel athletic yet still sharp and classy. 

READ: ENIGMA by MELCHOR GUINTO | Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2016

Enigma by Melchor Guinto was showcased last Day 1 of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2016, May 28th at Discovery Primea, Makati City.
Special thanks to Charles Cua!

You can contact Melchor Guinto thru email at

Mobile numbers:

Smart 09081183698 

Globe 09267021202 

Sun 09338774988

Check out his social media accounts:


Instagram @mpguinto

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