Now off to my second Designer Spotlight, fashion designer and artist Jeffrey Rogador interprets his Holiday 2016 collection showcased last Philippine Fashion Week and shares a secret or two with the success of his brand. 

Here’s Part 1 of 2 of my Designer Spotlight with Jeffrey Rogador:

Q: Your Holiday 2016 Prints and Patterns collection speaks about the wonderful mix of our ethnic tribe’s textiles and contemporary streetwear, can you please tell us more about your inspiration for this collection.

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A: JR Prints & Patterns Holiday 2016 speaks about arts and cultural heritage. Getting inspiration from Philippine tribes in general, I made interpretations of their indigenous fabrics and textiles thru my paintings in oil and acrylic on canvas. Translated them into modern day urbanwear pieces for all.

WATCH: Curtain call clip of his the Prints and Patterns Holiday 2016 collection here.

Q: Your recent collections have been an advocate of our local culture and history, what drives you to seek these inspirations and translates them into fashion?

A: As a Filipino designer, giving a contribution to promote Patriotism, arts and cultural heritage has been my mission to inspire every Filipino and our country.

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Jeffrey Rogador’s collections from Holiday 2014 to last Spring/Summer 2016 (L-R): JPNY, JR, Super Pinoy and Fish Market

Q: We’ve also seen a great evolution of your collections from the recent years, from Jag Origins, to the major success of JPNY and JR with collaborations with F&H and Converse, what is the key to these successes?

A: I tried a different approach in the game of fashion scene. Making my clothes relatable and reachable to everyone. In the fashion industry, fashion labels and designer pieces are all “aspirational” but time has changed the needs and wants of the consumers in terms of price points, interests and trends.



Watch out for the Part 2 of 2 of my Designer Spotlight: Jeffrey Rogador!

Prints & Patterns by Jeffrey Rogador was showcased last Day 2 of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2016, May 29th at Discovery Primea, Makati City.

You can contact Jeffrey Rogador thru email at and

Mobile numbers: 

Globe (0917) 208 0227 and (0916) 492 4555
Check out his social media accounts:

Instagram @jeffreyrogador

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