Off to my second Designer Spotlight, Jeffrey Rogador interprets his Holiday 2016 collection showcased at Philippine Fashion Week and shares a secret or two with the success of his brand. 


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Here’s Part 2 of 2 of my Designer Spotlight with Jeffrey Rogador:

Q: Street and urbanwear plays a critical piece in your JPNY, JR, previous and more recent collections like Fish Market and now with Prints and Patterns, how do you think the local market is responding to streetwear looks?

A: JR collections have been very successful and well accepted by the market. It gave a different flavor on how people should appreciate their roots and bring them to the current time. 


Q: Men of different ages have been very particular with the current fashion and their own personal style, how do you take this into consideration on your collections and collaborations?

A: The men in general now have more options and ideas with the help of social media and digital age. Giving the market a wide variation on staple pieces make them more excited and interested on cross branding and cross culture in fashion, arts, music, etc. As artists and industry movers we should be in tuned of what is current and relevant.


Q: How do you envision the local Philippine fashion continue to be successful as an industry and a market?

A: The Philippine fashion industry has a great potential of making it global. It’s much easier to promote what we have because of the digital generation.

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Prints & Patterns by Jeffrey Rogador was showcased last Day 2 of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2016, May 29th at Discovery Primea, Makati City.

You can contact Jeffrey Rogador thru email at and

Mobile numbers: 

Globe (0917) 208 0227 and (0916) 492 4555

Check out his social media accounts:

Instagram @jeffreyrogador

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