What You GO-SEE Is What You Get

Model Go-Sees, or in other terms Casting Call, is as tough as auditioning for an acting job – models show up on time, get in line, register, take some snaps, mingle, smile, walk, listen to a feedback, walk again, commit, pose, pose and pose again. You see, its not just about what mama and dada gave you, yep that’s what makes people look and stare, but what makes them turn around and admire even from afar, is the right balance of confidence, determination and good attitude. 

In go-sees, models can be inconsistent with what can make them stand out, either they just rely on their good looks or they have totally no idea with what they’re doing. Some models who are in it to win it proves that they are a total package, they are assertive, they resonate, they leave a very good impression, whether a place on a designer’s model list or better yet, be the designer’s muse.

Here are some make or break moments to consider on a model go-see for a runway casting:

Walk like you own the room, not the building

Simply put, a strong walk shouldn’t imply cockiness but rather commanding, resolute and steady, unique but commited. This comes with experience. Need practice? Put that mall strolling into better use.

Less hips, more fierce

Girls who came prepared with their signature walks are good, but the ones who can spontaneously transition upon command from their signature walk to “less hips” are commendable. Not applicable if you’re walking for a swimwear, that calls for more booty.

Show the abs

Nowadays it means take off that goddamned shirt. Guys, we have a big problem if you’re reluctant to take off that shirt upon request from a designer or director. Sometimes its not just about the sixpack or a flat tummy or what not, but its about that intimate confidence a model has, a measure of disciplined appeal. Never be asked twice.

Little details matter

How a model presents himself/herself up goes a long, long way, from the moment an intern greeted him as he submit his comp card until the time he walked out of the door. A model is being analyzed while waiting for her turn to be called and even while other models are being entertained. How the model smiled, how he answered to a question or how she composed herself after being criticized – are all being evaluated.

Mindset of a pro

What makes a top model tick? What runs in the mind of a supermodel while strutting the runway? Focus and inspiration usually seals the deal. It keeps the energy up throughout the casting. The motivation and propelling thoughts will all translate with the walk, with the pose, with the stance, the demeanor and everything else in between.

In the end owning your individuality and harnessing from all experiences makes you a better model. Talent and professionalism matters all throughout.

Photos taken during Manila Fashion Festival Beyond Go-See last September 24, 2017. So who will walk the runways of Manila Fashion Festival Beyond wearing the designs of Jun Jun Ablaza, Chris Diaz, Renan Pacson, Britt Tripudio, Jinggay Serag, Harvic Dominguez, KC Pusing, Daryl Maat and many more fashion designers?
Catch Manila Fashion Festival BEYOND from October 17 to 20, 2017 at the Marquee Tent Edsa Shangri-La Manila


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