They may have a point when they said sometimes it is good to let go not just the bad things but also the good things – but nah, I’ll pass on that.

I can’t say goodbye to something that was all remarkable, fulfilling, challenging and memorable all at the same time and my 2017 was basically that. Learned (really) a lot, pushed myself and had amazing experiences along the way. One way or the other these memories will haunt me, not to scare me, but to remind me how I’ve outgrown myself, held on to my principles and to remember who I am.

Here is my 2017 by the numbers:

– 32 years old this year

– 11 fashion shows (in days) attended

– 80+ fashion designer collections witnessed

– 6 months under Not One Puff Ever YTD

– 39,803 Likes to 603 posts on Instagram profile @rowellrifrif

– 31 TheStyleRandomGuy blogs

– 4 beach getaways(for real just four?!)

– 10+ associates mentored on their development

– 5 Corporate Sustainability Responsibility activities attended

– 28,350 is the amount of VVIP Britney Live in Manila ticket in Php

– 5 routines choreographed for NVO Cheer Squad 2017

– 4 hotel staycations

– 134,978 Impressions to my Bench Under The Stars Instagram posts @rowellrifrif

– 3 events organized and led

– 7 styling stints(to others of course)

– 5 major dance performances

– 2 dates(just)

And countless gym selfies, #OOTDs or #OOTNs, buffet trips and friendships!


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