When You GO-SEE It

Imagine the energy a five hour runway Go-See can generate, it must be enough to power up an average family household for a day! The excitement and energy brought by the fashion designers, models, production staff, sponsors, creatives and fashion people to this casting call takes us one step closer to the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival happening this April 10 to 13, 2018 at the Marquee Tent, Edsa Shangri-La Manila.

While the show highlights the upcoming trends and looks by the talented fashion designers, it is highly critical to cast the best model for a specific look, together with the garment and accessories, the models adds up to the cohesiveness and the show-quality of the designer collection.

It is amazing to witness the casting call go on as organized as possible orchestrated by Direk Jackie and while the designers snap a photo, measure up, compare notes and ask questions, all eyes are on the models up for the time of their life, which is pretty much like just three minutes.

Eager to know how some models stood out and some did not? Here’s some:

It always comes with experience

Much like how to get a great shot would need a well rehearsed pose combined with superb confidence is similar to having an awesome runway walk which takes a lot of practising from body coordination – yes, face to toes, to a confident strut and to a fierce, overall look.

Here’s why: Having a training, a mentor or someone who will give them an excellent feedback to improve on is a major plus.

Brought their bag of tricks

Nowadays runway models aren’t booked just based on their walk, looks or measure. Personality, yes, but more important is the attitude. As producers, staff, designers, bloggers and other important roles in the industry are magnetized to the models to converse with them – how models react, how models think or feel about the setting or someone or how they respond to changes, are all game-changers.

Here’s how: Adapt and conform is the key, models doesn’t need to be a crowd-pleaser but instead, a crowd-stunner.

Keep doing it like a pro

Models get booked today but may not tomorrow. How do they remain focused and inspired throughout a casting or through a streak of rejections? One should stay strong and motivated, the source? It is usually up to the model, it can be a goal, a supportive family or group of friends. Being able to commit and stay professional at all times sets the bar high for themselves.

So who made the cut and will walk for Anthony Ramirez, Cheetah Rivera, Jaz Cerezo, ARIN, Chris Diaz, KC Pusing, Yong Davalos, Rob Ortega, SoFA fashion design graduates and many more fashion designers? Watch the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival this coming April 10 to 13, 2018 at the Marquee Tent, Edsa Shangri-La Manila!

Many thanks to Tito Junel, Ms. Sara Kae and Mr. Ronnie Cruz!


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One thought on “When You GO-SEE It

  1. Can I join next time? eve though I’m just 5’6 in height?😢 I love joining runaway 😔😔😔

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