Day One | FW ‘18 Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival

On its eight season, Manila Fashion Festival is now Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, celebrating the convergence of fashion and digital technology and taking the Philippine fashion to the next level thru sustainability and market relevance. As Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival continues the fashion revolution with its emerging fashion talents and creatives, the Philippines is on the right track to emerge with its technological breakthroughs in this Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Day One of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival showcased the stunning collections of veteran design influencers since season one. Here are the infinite fashion looks from Day One.


Anthony Ramirez’s Primera Dama collection depicts the high society woman of today, stylish and powerful.

Watch the curtain call clip here


Elegant silhouettes and elevated velvet sequined dresses by Jaz Cerezo.

Watch the curtain call clip here


Rosbert Villar’s Eternal Rhythm collection pounces with extravagance and glamour of period details and sensual silhouettes.

Watch the curtain call clip here


Steph Tan’s The Stuff of Fairytales collection presents a dreamy touch of fantasy with soft textures, lightness and stimulating hues.


Pulsating lux and sheer glimmer in snug silhouttes by Rob Ortega.

Watch the curtain call clip here


Cheetah Rivera’s Kandinsky collection brings to life the color and influence of artwork, a wearable art with soul.


Martin Bautista’s Terrabyte collection jumps into the future with color and print interplay.


Esme’s Nine collection offers the multiple visual contrast.


Veejay Floresca’s Into Pieces collection refines the metallic dazzle into finer forms and beautiful sophistication.

Watch the curtain call clip here


Spring time contemporary style with floral prints and embellishments presented by Patricia Santos.

Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival happened last April 10 to 13, 2018 at the Marquee Tent, EDSA Shangri-la Manila Hotel, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

Special thanks to Ronnie Cruz, Sara Kae and Tito Junel of Art Personas!


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