Day Two | FW ‘18 Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival

The Day Two of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival can’t get any more exciting as the designs promised fashion innovation, brand sustainability and individuality – all from today’s fashion design trailblazers.

Check out the Day Two runway show in Youtube here

On this eight season, Manila Fashion Festival is now Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, celebrating the convergence of fashion and digital technology and taking the Philippine fashion to the next level thru sustainability and market relevance.

Here are the infinite fashion looks from Day Two.


KC Pusing’s The Isolation collection unleashes hellraiser purge taking inspiration from Dante’s Inferno with red, black and gray tones of stylish outerwear, long skirts and tops.


Wilbur Lang’s Dornöschen collection takes the inspiration story of Sleeping Beauty in a unexpected twist depicted with loose dresses, skirts and leather interplay.


Jinggay Serag’s Speranza collection brings forth the beauty of sky formations presented in stylish textures, technique and volume.


Harvic Dominguez’s collection proves his masterful craft to mix traditional Inabe weave prints, fabric textures and sophistication into high fashion contemporary pieces.


Rica Rico’s collection plays on mix and matching velvet, prints and classic fold details.


Naoki’s Act II Ikujinashi collection transforms the norm with oversized looks and modern fold techniques.


Dak Bonite’s Melancholia collection drives out sensibility from the pensive state of mind into long dresses of sheer, lace and glimmer.


Daryl Maat’s Baro collection elevates the traditional Filipino “baro” fabric product into modern sportswear silhouettes and pieces.


Chris Diaz’s Aprés E. 1027 collection explores the influence of 30’s streetwear silhouettes and updated it with black and white contrast and modern styling.


Power suits and sequined dresses in fall tones powered-up Yong Davalos’ collection with special attention on snug and styling of sling and belt bags.

Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival happened last April 10 to 13, 2018 at the Marquee Tent, EDSA Shangri-la Manila Hotel, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

Special thanks to Ronnie Cruz, Sara Kae and Tito Junel of Art Personas!


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