Day Three | FW ‘18 Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival

Day Three of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival boasts with strong sense of Filipino fashion and style with the Fall/Winter 2018 design collections. From one exciting collection to the next, the cohesiveness remained true to the fashion designer’s vision and impeccable runway show execution.

Check out the Day Three runway show in Youtube here

On this eight season, Manila Fashion Festival is now Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, celebrating the convergence of fashion and digital technology and taking the Philippine fashion to the next level thru sustainability and market relevance.

Here are the infinite fashion looks from Day Three.



Jandra Babiera’s Makiling collection reflects the affection and compassion of the deity Maria Makiling presented in romantic hues and embellished tulles.


Reynier Abello’s The Hidden Fortress collection travels into post-modern fashion interplaying different silhouettes and digital printing.


A throwback nod to the energy, vibrant hues and graphics of the 90s in modern silhouettes for Neon Island brand.


ARIN’s Sappho collection presents fashion’s juxtaposition and at the same time balance, from contrasting tones to construction and silhouettes.


Maco Custodio

Rafael Gonzales

Yves Camingue

Sassa Jimenez


TEOFILA’s collection plays on different shapes in plain, soft tones.


Mark Tamayo’s Hindsight collection exhibits on-point stylish and sophisticated sensibility with sheer tailored tops and dresses, bead pattern embellishments and intricate menswear details.


Eve’s collection ushers in the grand allure of the flapper era into modern pieces and style.

Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival happened last April 10 to 13, 2018 at the Marquee Tent, EDSA Shangri-la Manila Hotel, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

Special thanks to Ronnie Cruz, Sara Kae and Tito Junel of Art Personas


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