(1/2) Day Four | FW ‘18 Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival

The Day Four of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 8 was culminated by outstanding designs from Cebu and Davao regions and were showcased with pride and with cultural significance.

On this eight season, Manila Fashion Festival is now Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, celebrating the convergence of fashion and digital technology and taking the Philippine fashion to the next level thru sustainability and market relevance.

Here are the infinite fashion looks from Day Four from DAVAO designers.


Davao designer Aztec Barba’s collection looks on high society elegance in dimmed gray and rich red and green tones.


Davao designer Edgar Buyan’s Kataw collection celebrates festive cultural heritage in colors and digital prints proudly intermixed.


Davao designer Dodjie Batu’s Chiaroscuro collection turns it up with menswear staple pieces of soft blue, gray and white mixed up with tribe prints, fabric detailing and ethnic themed bags.

Check the runway clip here.


Benjie Panizales’ Reckless Vagabond collection tells the story of Mandaya culture in black and white graphics and modern silhouettes.

Check the runway clip here.


Windell Mira’s collection ushers in a playful psychedelic summer moment with rainbow colored weave prints mixed seen through white sheer and cutouts.

Check the runway clip here.


Bamba Limon’s Denimania collection presents formal and denim staples infused with ethnic patterns and details.


Emi Englis’ The Circle Is Not Round collection presents an androgynous take on garment shapes and fit.


Egay Ayag’s collection exemplifies strength of power dressing with structured tailoring of streetwear pieces.


Bea Abrigo’s refreshing take on the ease and pattern designs for luxe resort wear.

Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival happened last April 10 to 13, 2018 at the Marquee Tent, EDSA Shangri-la Manila Hotel, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

Special thanks to Ronnie Cruz, Sara Kae and Tito Junel of Art Personas


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