Wow! SIARGAO! Part 4: Naked Island

Much like in any tourist island destination here in the Philippines, there is always an island-hopping package as part of the tour itinerary as each of the 7,107 islands have something great to offer and one should never miss out to experience tons of breathtaking island views from afar, waves from every direction, sandbars, shorelines and the clear sight of seabed through the ocean waters. Siargao may be famous for its incredible waves and surfing spots, but Siargao is also known for the Tres Islas or the three islands by the southern part of Siargao Island, namely Naked, Daku and Guyam islands that you can visit all in one day. Thank God the sun is up and bright on my fourth day, so together with my Tres Islas Hostel homies, we spent the entire day touring the Tres Islas islands. Here’s the Part 4 of 5 of my Siargao travel experience at the stripped sandbar of Naked Island. Just like the first three parts, this is not just me sharing a travel guide but rather my travel perspective. If you’ll be at Siargao in the future, check out Tres Islas Hostel for a worthwhile and affordable accommodation!



The Siargao Slayers! Back row(L-R): Keith Uno, Cyan and Carol; Middle row(L-R): Kiel, Meg, Mari, Aia, Uwe, Mara, Chris and Jenard; Front row(L-R): Myself, Zane and Keith Dos!




The tour trip was finalized the night before and as everyone was so keen to do island-hopping at Tres Islas islands, we were all prepped and ready to go that morning despite the late night partying. Since our group is well-acquainted with the Tres Islas Hostel staff, the island trip would be incomplete without them and so we were graciously joined by Keith, Mari and Chris to everyone’s delight. We initially planned to go to Sohoton Cove but as we left late morning we wouldn’t afford the additional two hours travel and we’ll be caught up at sundown. So we just stick with the Tres Islas tour, which if I’m not mistaken is around Php 3,000 regular rate in Siargao. We got a big boat as there were fifteen of us, plus two boat drivers, and it took us around 40 minutes to reach our first island destination of Naked Island. Our party wouldn’t live to its reputation if there wasn’t a rum bottle or two(three to be exact) present with shots being served twice the ideal speed, go figure. Imagine being tipsy even before disembarking the boat and setting foot on Naked Island, yes we are that crazy.


Yep, still wearing Jeffrey Rogador SS2019 rashguard top!



Naked Island present itself with not a single shade, just a coarse sand island formation probably the diameter of a stadium or a field track with around 10 feet sand elevation towards the center, and surrounded by ocean waters. On one side there are a few rock formations, on the other, clear shores and gentle waves – perfect for swimming, just watch out for stinging blue jellyfishes. We’ve reached Naked Island around noon time and with the sun on its almighty glory and clear skies to match with, the beautiful backdrop is calling for perfect capture of the breath-taking merge of shades of blue by the sky and the ocean, and then blending in the off-white to beige sandy shores. We took a lot of photos, swam for a while and got lost on this Siargao gem. We didn’t mind the sun’s hot rays, though we hope we put enough sunscreen.






Aren’t those drone shots so awesome? Those are by one of our companions by the name of Jenard Fazon Saren, his photography skills are amazing!



There goes the Part 4 of my Siargao travel experience, coming up is the final and Part 5 of this series featuring the rest of our island-hopping tour at Daku and Guyam islands! Hoe you enjoy and thanks for reading!



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