Wow! SIARGAO! Part 5: Daku and Guyam Islands


Cloud 9 surfing, Sugba Lagoon, Magpupungko Tidal Pools, the Tres Islas Islands, Sohoton Cave, Taktak Falls, Maasin River – these are just some of the major wonders you can travel and marvel at while in Siargao and there are still a lot more breath-taking tourist spectacles you can experience whether through land or sea. Definitely you cannot squeeze and take it all in the wonderful exploration in a few days’ trip unless you are going to stay at the island for weeks or a month. As much as I’d love to see and explore as many places, I’m appreciating more of taking all in the views, the fun, the surroundings and experiences steadily rather than abruptly. For me that is how you seize the moment, rally the quality of your travel and ultimately achieve the real sense of travel goals. Here’s the final and Part 5 of 5 of my Siargao travel experience at the remaining Tres Islas islands of Daku and Guyam islands with my Tres Islas Hostel squad. Just like the first four parts, this is not just me sharing a travel guide but rather my travel perspective.





It was already way past lunch time when we left the scorching Naked Island and went for Daku Island which was around 20 minutes boat travel from Naked Island. Damn, I was still a bit dizzy when we board the boat and while en route to Daku Island, oh boy, rounds of the rum shots soared, mind you we were already hungry and looking forward to lunch. Daku Island sparkles among the high coconut trees, the surrounding crystal clear ocean waters and high flying sun beaming through. Quiet and almost void out of Siargao tourists, it felt like it was a feel good private island just for us to explore.




We settled in a hut while we have our food bought earlier cooked and prepared. Since we have our own time, the guys walked around and explored the island under the shade of the trees which also served as a beautiful backdrop for portrait, landscape and travel goal shots. Our late lunch was served in the traditional boodle fight arrangement complete with heaps of steamed rice, pork meat, and different kinds of seafood, salted egg, and fresh mangoes. We managed to have a group photo before digging in with our bare hands, the food was gone in 20 minutes. We stayed for a while, swam at the beach and took more photos before we left for our last island experience at Siargao – Guyam Island.





The sun was quickly setting on us as we ventured at the sea towards Guyam Island and just like Naked and Daku islands, arriving at Guyam Island was nothing short of spectacular as the this small island, closest to the Siargao mainland, bathes in the rich, golden sunset and the coconut trees and huts are glowing immensely.





There were more tourists at this island, whom are either sunbathing, lounging on hammocks or sipping some cold drinks, despite of the island size, Guyam is undeniably charming. My Tres Islas Hostel group also lounged for a bit, some took naps, while some had selfies and drone shots by the rocky edge of the island. Our great island hopping experience was concluded by a perfect yellow orange sun setting against the stunning horizon of clouds, calm ocean waters and the mainland Siargao – I couldn’t ask for a picturesque ending to this island-hopping travel experience, it was a travel goal moment for the ages.





And there you have it! The final and Part 5 of my Siargao travel experience and I am already looking forward to my next adventures at Siargao, hopefully sooner than later! The six days-five nights stay in Siargao and at Tres Islas Hostel was indeed memorable, and I don’t mind the expenses, I adored every second of my travel, and it was both relaxing and exhilarating. Thanks for reading and please do watch out for more travel blogs on more Philippine locations such as Baguio, Tagaytay and La Union!






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