I had a different kind of travel goal, instead of going international I went for local to be more achievable, but with a challenge twist – go solo to each main regions of the Philippines, which are Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, sometimes collectively called as LuzViMinda. Since I already had a taste of traveling solo way back 2016 to Boracay, which is at Visayas region, and then I’ve gone to Siargao which is at Mindanao region near end of 2018, why not complete the regions by going solo anywhere at Luzon region. I’m residing anyhow at Luzon, if I was able to brave away far places alone, this should be easy.

Baler, 2019
Baler, 2019


But why solo? A lot would say it is beneficial, some say you should do it once in a while. Here are some of my insights.

For starters going solo can be very daunting, but come to think of it, the sense of unknown adventure can be exciting. The thirst for adventure and the curiosity to discover breathtaking moments can be overpowering when travelling solo, for me there wasn’t any no dull moment. You’re free by yourself, you don’t have to think of anybody but you.

Travelling solo also tests your courage in so many ways – booking a trip for one, creating a DIY itinerary only for yourself, wandering and eating alone, discovering nature’s beauty by yourself, initiating a friendly conversation with strangers, putting trust on acquaintances – all decisions made just by you.

Lastly, it has a holistic effect physically, mentally and spiritually. You have time to think thoroughly about you without any ounce of stress. Reflection for me is a form of healing, a stress reliever and a means of driving a positive outlook, it gives birth to new perspectives and a path to a better self.

Siargao, 2018
Siargao, 2018
Siargao, 2018
Boracay, 2016
Boracay, 2016
Boracay, 2016

I didn’t realize my trip to Boracay was a first stage of recovery from a bad relationship until after a few months after. My trip to Siargao turned out to be amazing one without expecting or even planning on it. And my recent solo trip to Baler, helped me prepare for greater things to come. Yep they are all popular beaches, tourist spots even, they can get crowded and busy. However for solo travelling for beginners, it means safer, common, accessible and fun at the same time. This can be just a first stage, for my next set of solo travel to LuzViMinda, I’d be raising the level one notch.

Baler, 2019


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