Our world has been forever changed. We have shuttered our homes, shuttered our businesses, lost our jobs, lost our sense of security, toppled the global economy, watched our loved ones get sick and die, and overwhelmed our health care systems beyond recognition.

The Coalition to End the Trade aims to help ensure this never happens again by addressing the likely cause of this pandemic and others: the commercial trade and sale in markets of wild terrestrial animals (particularly mammals and birds), for consumption. The commercial trade of wild terrestrial animals gives pathogens that have evolved with animals the perfect opportunity to jump to new hosts–humans–and spread through a globalized population.


Here’s how to support:

1. Sign The Petition — by signing the petition, it helps to target and gain notice of National Governments worldwide. How? Enacting suitable legislation to permanently end commercial trade and sale of terrestrial wild animals for consumption; Empowering relevant agencies to adequately enforce such legislation; Developing ethical and equitable transition measures for those whose livelihoods are impacted across the trade chain.

2. Donate — it will directly support key strategies to end the commercial trade of terrestrial wild animals for consumption, including:

A. Reducing consumer demand, by significantly shifting public opinion, attitudes and behavior

B. Closing commercial supply chains, by securing and enforcing permanent bans on markets and trade; and

C. Actively monitoring for pathogens, through increased health surveillance


3. Join The Movement — Visit ExtinctionEndsHere.org to join the conversation and effect a paradigm shift in how we relate to nature.

4. Spread The Word — Help the world better understand where this pandemic came from and what it’ll take to prevent the next one. Once you’ve signed the declaration or supported these efforts, you’ll be asked if you want to share your action on your social media channels.

Visit https://endthetrade.com for more details.

Join health professionals, conservation organizations, celebrities, and others in a global movement to call on our world’s governments to permanently end the commercial trade and sale in markets of wild terrestrial animals, for consumption, worldwide. Together we are urging the world’s governments to recognize that this is among the most important decisions that the global community can make to prevent future pandemics and global disruption. Every voice counts.

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