Fashion can wait, lives cannot. Who would have predicted way back from 2019 that the world’s Spring/Summer 2020 trend report would be dominated by face masks, overalls, suits, hoods and other protective gears? That from each part of the globe and from each fashion capital of the world, from promising young fashion designers to big, fashion household names would be clamoring to create Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs)? This time, the clothing is not for the luxurious or sophisticated elites or fashionistas, it is to dress our medical frontliners – nurses, doctors, and other important healthcare professionals. The fashion world is not hosting runway shows or looking for profits, but they are asking for donors, pledges and suppliers to help cover and sponsor the cost given the scarcity of the supplies. They may not be of medical grade but they are bound to be waterproof and protective in a sense.

Here’s a quick look on how the fashion industry responded to the shortages of PPEs brought by the CoVid-19 pandemic.

On the local scene, several fashion designers who step up and took the challenge in making free PPE clothing are Rajo Laurel, Michael Leyva and Erjohn Dela Serna – among others. While designers Jobert Cristobal, Santi Obsena and Renan Jay Pacson focused on face masks.

On the international scene, Project Runway alumna Cristian Siriano and Michael Costello also produced face masks. While they may be not as effective as N95 its goal is to help minimize the transmission of the virus.

While some of luxurious brands Gucci, Yves Saint  Laurent, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga will be acquiring thousands of masks directly from China. Prada on the other hand has produced masks and medical overalls.


We do pray and hope that as we reach the flattenning of the curve that it will continue to give good prognosis and win this outbreak.


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