You’re the one pop was waiting for Gaga. Could this be the next gay anthem?

“All I ever wanted was love”, “We got a stupid love”. Whatever these means, one thing is for sure, pop icon and one of the world’s best selling music artist Lady Gaga is back with a new album track after three years from touring, The Star Is Born, campaigns, Oscars, a lot of guestings and yeah what else the popstar hasn’t done? The lead single “Stupid Love” released February 28, 2020 with the legendary pop hit-maker Max Martin as one of the composers has brought back Lady Gaga from her dance and electro pop high filled with disco synth beats similar to her Artpop hits “G.U.Y.”, “Do What You Want” and empowering tracks of Born This Way.


The music video featured four costumes of futuristic pink metal from bikini tops, to tiny bottoms, to jackets and biker vest in collaboration with music video costumer designer Laurel DeWitt. In the music video, Lady Gaga played a heroine uniting vibrant faction tribes to an upbeat dance.


Think “Stupid Love” is pop enough to revive the genre and stay on top of the charts?


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