DIOR MEN Spring 2021

No, it’s not another black movement to follow the Black Lives Matter but more of bringing back to life a childhood inspiration by designer Kim Jones for Dior Men Spring 2021 collection in collaboration with Ghanaian painter Amoako Boafo. Male couture at its finest, the collection certainly lives up to its promise. From the artist’s signature finger-painting effect, to a delightful color palette juxtaposed with different patterns and textures, to a distinct and elegant silhouette accentuated by color blocked cummerbund waistbands, the collection has found the common grounds of avant garde, streetwear fantasy, and the male attitude.

One would question, why do we need this kind fashion during this pandemic? Shouldn’t we focus on more important stuff? With “Why not?” as the most ideal answer, it is not the most sensible either. The better answer would be is that, in every form and literature, art had and will always endure, and fashion inspiration will not just be an escape but a live expression.

Here are the 31 looks of Dior Men Spring 2021, and look forward to its showcase on digital Paris Fashion Week coming soon.


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One thought on “DIOR MEN Spring 2021

  1. So Artistic & vivid colours in this vast variety of depicted captured images & special mention to this evolving Male fashion designer!✈

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